S E C U R I N G T H E S U P P L Y : U N I N T E R R U P T I B L E P O W E R S U P P L Y (U P S ) Although many people consider the National Grid system in the UK to be extremely reliable (and it is), supply issues, such as brownouts or blackouts are still causing problems to many continuous processes. Research from multiple sources illustrate this fact, highlighting that there were 986 blackouts or brownouts in 2016, a 46% increase from 2015. The South East of England was the region with the highest number of blackouts in 2015, with 124 separate incidents, and an average cost of €66,170 (£55,000) per hour has been allocated to these incidents, based on a medium sized data centre. We anticipate that these supply issues will increase in the future as more renewable sources are integrated on the National Grid system. Having energy storage with full UPS functionality is extremely important for behind the meter systems as it provides full process optimisation and supply resilience. An oscilloscope three phase voltage snapshot of 5 mains cycles at a voltage of 240V. At 50ms supply is disconnected, at 55.4ms the ic Power system ramps up and supplies full output power to the load at 220v (therefore UPS response time is 5.4ms). *Connecting the IC power will eliminate any disconnection time.